Coming Soon: In 2019 The Mentoring by Example Foundation intends to submit for approval to charter its new school concept in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. 

In school systems across the United States, Boards of Education have set goals to transform the educational experience of students to ensure that 100% are college and workforce ready and competitive in the 21st century economy.

However reaching this goal requires more than just higher student performance. Humanitarians, businesses, parents, school leaders, policy makers, and the community must commit to connecting students to attractive, innovative, focused, educational opportunities in order to truly help them prepare for the future and lifelong success. The Mentoring by Example Foundation has answered the call to help with the development of The Mentoring by Example College and Career Academy operated as a public charter school.

How started and what we’ve accomplished:


The Mentoring by Example College & Career Academy (MECCA)’s development is the outgrowth of dialogue between The Mentoring by Example Foundation, Inc., public & charter school leaders and teachers, community activists, education enthusiasts, business owners and college faculty /staff who want to effect changes in the education landscape for children.


The core group led by the Mentoring by Example Foundation began meeting in 2014 with the idea of implementing MECCA, and continuously connected with experts in a variety of areas to form MECCA’s Advisory Board. MECCA’s Advisory Board serves as a governing body during the program, planning, and design phases of the charter school. The design will be presented to school systems in the Washington, DC Metro area in Spring 2019.

A Constructivist Approach to Teaching and Learning

MECCA will be an extremely collaborative, respectful community where every student is known individually and appreciated for their unique abilities. At MECCA, students will control their learning. MECCA will utilize a constructive education philosophy to allow students to continually reflect on their own learning, pose their own questions, and pursue answers in a structured environment.

MECCA will serve students in 2 conjoined segments, Middle & High School. MECCA aims to further reform the public school educational experience of students, including students with disabilities, English language learners, and other under-served populations, in order to ensure that 100% of students are college ready as well as competitively prepared for success in the 21st century workforce . MECCA’s  design is a pioneering approach to educating tomorrow’s leaders through nationally recognized education themes expanded to include additional content focus areas and career exposure –  all during regular school hours.