Career Awareness: Education & Training




The Foundation provides career awareness education through a curriculum which covers the complete career planning process in depth so that program participants can get the full range of skills and understanding that they need to pursue their career goals.  The Foundation's curriculum follows a career planning model that includes:

Self-exploration: • Skills • Values • Experience • Interests • Education

Occupational Exploration: • Occupational and job profiles • Informational interviews • Career and job fairs • Labor market information

Career and Education Planning: • Decision making • Goal setting • College success skills • Action planning

Employability Workshops:  The Foundation program participants provided the opportunity to develop “soft skills” including the emotional and work maturity abilities necessary for successful employment.  Soft skills refer to personal qualities, habits, attitudes, and social graces that make participants good employees and compatible in the workplace.  Soft skills can an important indicator of job performance.   The Foundation’s services help students develop self-awareness, self-confidence, socially responsible behavior, good interpersonal skills, independence, decision-making capabilities, and communication skills.

Job Readiness Workshops:  The Foundation provides exciting, interactive job readiness workshops. Topics for the workshops include job search techniques, job seeker phone etiquette, resume writing, and interview skills.  Job Readiness Workshops consist of two parts, and are led by business leaders from the community. In Session One, participants learn how to represent themselves when seeking jobs, and are taught how to dress for success, apply with style, create great resumes, and interview with poise. They are given homework to complete and must return two weeks later for Session Two.  In Session Two, mock interviews are held to provide each participant with an opportunity to experience the interview process.  Again, business professionals from the community assist with the workshops, and give participants honest feedback about their interview skills. Each participant receives a score for their interview techniques, and those who pass earn Job Readiness Certificates.  To qualify for a Job Readiness Certificate, participants must attend BOTH sessions.


Helps navigate the world successfully, opening the door to educational and career opportunities


Having a positive sense of self is essential for healthy development


Strong bonds support belonging, confidence, community engagement, and offers safety and support


Career Exploration




The Foundation’s Career Exploration program helps participants explore occupations and learn about the job descriptions and requirements.  Career exploration expands horizons.  How many occupations can the participant list and describe? Career exploration exposes participants to occupations they didn’t even know existed.  Career exploration saves time and money. When participants choose education and training that matches their abilities, they are less likely to change college majors and more likely to complete their education. 

The Foundation developed career clusters which consist of occupations that have been grouped according to common knowledge and skills.  There are many occupations within each cluster that require different levels of training and education. After researching occupations, students will usually find that their interests fall within one to three career clusters. Identification of a career cluster will helps participants identify their area of interest.  Participant can change their area of interest once per cycle as part of the annual registration process and update their education plan to reflect these changes.

Career Guides  The Foundation provides program participant’s access to “Career Guides” who are industry leaders, professionals, and business owners, that serve as mentors, and provide participants with an understanding of various professions, particularly the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area’s high wage, high demand occupations, and an awareness of the reality of the actual career opportunities available to them.

Apprenticeships / Internships  The Foundation, through its partnerships with businesses and organizations , works to link vocational education programs and industry apprenticeship training / internship programs to participants.  

How We do what We do:

  • Establish and maintain partnerships with the public school systems, particularly within the state of Maryland, and with other businesses within the state of Maryland;

  • Locate and maintain the necessary facilities to offer the services to MBE’s target audience;

  • Create and maintain forums with the community at large where individuals, both youth and adult, can collaborate in the development of services that impact youth;

  • Serve as a repository of information for target audience, youth and young adults, and their parents / caregivers, as well as the community at large; and,

  • Bring awareness of our organization, its programs and services, from every medium possible and this does not exclude documentaries and photos of our activities, projects, programs and expeditions. By documenting and reporting our efforts we intend to broaden our outreach. These multimedia features will be recorded by our volunteers during the aforementioned activities and will be available to the public.


The Foundation has over 50 years of combined of education, experience, and expertise to provide participants with academic support and business skills. Our professional mentors are business and creative professionals, educators, civic - industry - and community leaders. Our program focuses on academic and cultural enrichment in many areas including, reading, math, science, technology, the arts and humanities. Professional and social networking, interviewing, resume writing, shadowing a professional, internships and other business preparation.  In 2015, our program services expanded to include counseling services to help students and families, martial arts to reinforce physical fitness and healthy lifestyles, and adult training services.